Friction Gloves 2.0 on sale in Europe!

In the right season, we’re proud to announce the launch of a new product in Europe:
Friction Gloves 2.0! The best ultimate frisbee gloves available have arrived and are readily available to order.

Friction Gloves provide a consistent grip in every condition. Frictions help eliminate slippage  on both throws and catches when the disc is wet, keep your hands warm in cold weather, and ease the sting of zippy throws.  Whether your goal is to throw further and with more accuracy, catch tough discs, or to keep your hands warm, Frictions will help.

€ 24,- | shipping: € 5,-/pair within Europe
Sizes: Women’s S, M, L / Men’s S, M, L, XL | Check the size guide

To order, visit our Frictions page.

Friction Gloves 2.0

Friction Gloves 2.0